LAHORE - Central Secretary Information, PML-N, Mushahidullah Khan on Sunday questioned the very logic behind passage of a parliamentary resolution to restore the NATO supplies, saying if the same was not required at the time of blocking them, why was it needed for the restoration.

Addressing a news conference here along with party’s media advisor Muhammad Mehdi, the PML-N spokesperson made it clear that his party would not budge an inch from its stance on NATO supplies.

“The PML-N would not become part of any resolution which is against national interest and is meant only to ‘use’ Parliament for the unpopular decision”, he observed, adding that his party was seeking solid guarantees regarding implementation of the proposed resolution.  Senator Mushahidullah suspected that government would not implement the new resolution as it did in case of earlier resolutions passed by the parliament and the APC.

On loadshedding and recent hike in petroleum products, he said the issues could be tacked if the federal government announced a moratorium on corruption to put the economy on the right path. He alleged that government was doing corruption as if it was worship. Mushahid demanded of the government to take back the recent hike in

The PML-N leader reiterated his party’s stance that government was targeting Punjab by subjecting its people to 20 hours loadshedding. “This is discrimination”, he said, and added that people of Punjab were being punished for voting in favour of the PML-N. He also rejected the impression that PML-N was inciting the people to come on roads against power outages.

He demanded of the government to take back the recent hike in petroleum products and bear the extra burden of soaring prices in the international market instead of passing the same on to the people.

Replying to a question, the PML-N Senator said that former DG ISI, Lt Gen. (R) Shuja Pasha tried to harm the PML-N by supporting the PTI. To another question, he said that PML-N’s position in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa has been strengthened with the advent of Amir Mukaam in the party.

  When asked to comment on PTI chief Imran Khan’s allegation that PPP and PML-N were doing mock exercise of fighting against each other, the PML-N leader rebuffed the criticism, saying that by agreeing to vote in favour of 20th amendment, his party had paved the way for an impartial caretaker set up to hold next elections.      

  Talking about Karachi situation, he said a war for bhatta (extortion of money from traders) was going on unabated in the City among the coalition partners resulting into deaths of innocent people. He said the situation had come under control after Supreme Court’s intervention, but the government was not implementing its verdict to restore normalcy there.

“The Chief Justice of Pakistan is Musa of present era”, he said while paying tributes to Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Ch for his frequent interventions to ‘rein in’ the government and its functionaries.