KARACHI - Local leaders of various political and politico-religious parties on Sunday held the PPP, MQM and ANP responsible for the ongoing violence, and demanded them to stop the bloodshed in the metropolis.

The call for the end to unrest came at an MPC (multi-parties conference) held at the JI Karachi office, Idara-e-Noor-e-Haq. Leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami, PML-N, PTI, Sunni Tehreek, JUI-F, JUP, Awami Muslim League, MRC, Nizam-e-Mustafa Party and others took part in the moot to discuss the brewing law and order situation in Karachi. A resolution adopted at the MPC alleged that the ANP, PPP and MQM were directly responsible for the targeted killings and extortion incidents. “A turf war has been imposed by the coalition partners in a bid to assert control over Karachi.”

The MPC accused the MQM and ANP of hatching conspiracies to ignite ethnic violence ahead of the next general elections. It vehemently condemned the government’s criminal silence, claiming that peace in Karachi would not be possible in the presence of terrorists the ruling coalition was having.

The MPC demanded stern action against extortionists and terrorists involved in killing innocent people. They urged the government to provide compensation to violence victims forthwith. In their addresses, JI Karachi leader Barjees Ahmed, PML-N leader Zain Ansari, JUI-F leader Aslam Ghori, ST leader Matloob Awan, JUP leader Siddique Rahtor, MRC Chief Nusrat Mirza, PTI leader Aslam Rajput, AML leader Mahfooz Yar Khan and others, said the ruling coalition was behind the unrest in Karachi.

Asserting that they were with the people of Karachi, the leaders vowed not to let the citizens alone. They announced that representatives of the political and politico-religious parties of Karachi would meet the chief minister, home minister, Rangers DG and others to offer their suggestions for durable peace in Karachi.

The leaders further announced that they would write an open letter to the chief justice of Pakistan about the deteriorating security situation in Karachi and request him to play his role in restoring peace in Karachi.