ISLAMABAD  – The residents of different areas of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have complained about sale of unhygienic beef and mutton in various markets causing spread of various diseases among the consumers.

According to various customers, most of the butchers put beef and mutton on sale without ensuring a proper covering in their shops and kiosks, which are usually set up along the roadsides. The butchers do not make proper arrangements to save the meat from dust, flies and insects, Farhat Abbas, a buyer who is forced to purchase germ infested meat for his family complained here on Sunday.

According to health experts, unhygienic and unclean beef or meat may cause different diseases including hepatitis and cancer. Another customer, Faheem Amjad informed that some butchers inject water with the help of plastic pipe into the main artery of the half dead animal while slaughtering which penetrates it in all the sub-arteries and in this way the weight of the meat is increased.

Unhygienic meat is being sold at Jamia Masjid Road, Bhatta Naik Alam and Chah Sultan while butchers are allegedly involved in mixing water into the body of animals while slaughtering at Ratta Amral, Pindora, Workshopi Mohalla, Adaila Road, Mubarik Lane and Dhoke Matkal, he added.

While in Islamabad, butchers in Golra Sharif, Saidpur village and Taramberi Chowk are also allegedly involved in this crime. A number of customers also complained that the butchers do not bother to display price list issued by the district administration at the appropriate place rather charge rates on their own.

The residents have demanded of the concerned authorities to make all out efforts to halt the supply of unhygienic and water-mixed meat aimed at saving people from different diseases.