ISLAMABAD  – The two-day exhibition of stunning Indonesian handicrafts attracted a large number of art and craft lovers of the twin cities here Sunday at Nomad Art gallery.

The show offered a variety of Indonesian cultural glimpses for promotion of beautifully crafted Indonesian handicrafts and products.

The display included Tapis-Traditional Weaving of Lampung, Tapis Raja Tunggal, Lampung, Indonesian Tin Wares, Malam (Wax) and Canting, Batik Tulis and Batik Cap.

Through varied weaving tradition, the high valued handicraft and art creations such as woven cloth, interwoven by gold threads called “tapis”, reflected cultural values of Indonesian people. The exhibition also featured a large variety of Indonesian Tin Wares for which Indonesia is well known. The exquisite metal crafts and top quality Tin wares of many kinds such as tea and water sets were part of the display.

Indonesian Batik traditionally refers to fabric decorated painstakingly by hand using hot wax and then dyed to create a pattern in reverse. The items created with Batik were the most eye-catching attraction for the visitors that also offered quality and variety of products.