Today after ten years long war in Afghanistan, US defence secretary says that we the American and Afghans both are now tired of war. He must be aware of the fact that who launched war in the first place. Now it’s not war but turns out it’s a bear trap for America as it once was for Russia. The same situation prevails in Afghanistan now. NYT and CBS news recent survey reveals that more than 69 percent US citizens have opposed war in Afghanistan. It was on the 9/11 plea that the US attacked Afghanistan. In WTC incident only 3000 people got killed. Will America mention how many Afghans have been killed in retaliation? Pakistan has lost 40 thousand of its people. Afghans ratio must be more than that. Now the only option for the US is to get its forces pulled out from the region and save its skin.  Ironically, today Panetta is worried that the people are sick of the war now. Will he like to inform the world who initiated war? As you sow so shall you reap?


Peshawer, March 29.