TOBA TEK SINGH - Total of 17 candidates have so far filed nomination papers for three NA and seven PP seats of the district.

They are: Zeeshan Sidhu of MQM for NA-92, Iftikhar Sidhu of MQM and Lala M Iqbal of PPP for NA-93, PML-N leader Ch Asadur Rehman for NA-94, Saqib Malik and Nadeem Yousaf Jatt for PP-84, Ch Adnan Mushtaq for PP-85, Pirzada Mansoor Javed of PML-F, Mian Khurram Tahir advocate of MQM and Lala M Iqbal of PPP for PP-86, Rana Shaukat Ali of MQM, former MPA Ayub Gadhi and his brother Masood Gadhi for PP-87, Imdad Hussain, Khizar Abbas Kathia and Begum Sajida Abbas for PP-88 and Muhammad Sarwar of MQM for PP-90.