Since the beginning of Pakistan as an independent country we have unfortunately never had well-performing, professional, and non-partisan public service. The situation has now become extremely deplorable all over the country. Our past successive provincial rulers have not realised the importance and scope of effective public administration that is responsive, transparent and accountable for the functioning of the nation. That’s why, very crucial strategies to achieve the long avowed short-term and long-term targets have not been implemented in the country. It is also a despicable fact that our state institutions, in particular, at the federal level, are neither democratic, nor do they use public resources efficiently, and they do not provide effective public service.

One of the major factors hindering any improvement is the placing in key positions of incompetent blue eyed ambitious officers. This culture of pleasing friends and relatives in the federal and provincial organizations has adversely affected the organizations. Our public sector needs to nurture an organizational culture that is conducive to promoting good governance in the country. However, the country is looking with hope at the newly appointed Caretaker Prime Minister to advise the President to appoint permanent heads of different organizations such as Federal Ombudsman (Wafaqi Mohatasib), Rector International Islamic University, Islamabad, and two dozen more organizations that are working without anyone in the seat of power. It is anticipated that dedicated, devoted and diligent persons from the neglected Sindh and Balochistan province may also be appointed at these places to enhance governance and service delivery.


Islamabad, March 29.