Mobile phones were introduced to make communication easier for everyone and also provide quick communication services. As Pakistan lacks any kind of cheap entertainment, people have started misusing these cellular phone services, making them an in convenience rather than a convenience. The night packages and daily free calling and such low rates have made our public hostage to this cheap thrill. It is amazing that our literate masses have learnt English so quickly to use a cell phone, but they find it so hard to learn a trade or skill. They know all the complicated functions and want very expensive phones as a means of showing off. It’s very common that users can type SMS even without looking at the mobile screen. It is also common on the part of students to type SMS while sitting in class rooms on the backbenches.

While visiting USA and UK in the last few years, I saw everyone use this device very carefully and only for work or emergency as the taxes and charges deter anyone from misusing the services. In Pakistan, the companies have found our weak point, and have lowered the rates so that it is being consumed at a rate not found anywhere else in the world. Why do we have the tendency of abusing every gadget made for convenience?

This casual use while driving has caused innumerable road accidents as well as spoiled our young generation and gave easy access to people never available before. Parents cannot control their unruly children from causing harm with cell phones. Though most of the schools have banned cell phones, children still carry them and the universities and college authorities are trying to ban them as well. Instead of banning things parents and teachers need to do some brainstorming on how to make our younger generation more responsible. This careless attitude is going to harm us all in the coming future.


Karachi, March 29.