LAHORE – The Unification Bloc, which stood by the Shahbaz Sharif government in Punjab through thick and thin, has lost worth for PML-N tickets over internal differences and load of ticket aspirants.

The main character and architect of the Bloc, Dr Tahir Ali Javed is in America after resigning the MPAship of Punjab on the ground of dual nationality and for facing a case abroad. Mian Muhammad Atta Maneka, who was second in command after Dr Tahir and factored unification of the members against any threat to the Punjab Government, has joined the PML-N and has been awarded ticket from his native constituency, PP-227, Pakpattan.

Another stalwart of the Bloc, Hamid Nasir Chattha has been denied ticket by the N-League, has announced to stay away from elections and field his son on the National and the Provincial seats in his native constituencies of Alipur Chattha.

Sheikh Allaud Din, which also headed the committee constructing Ashiyana Housing project, is very much likely to be accommodated as PML-N candidate in PA Kasur constituency. Similarly a few other of the Bloc may be awarded the PML-N ticket to contest polls on symbol of ‘tiger’.

 Hence, the Unification Bloc at the Punjab level is not expected to get more than a half dozens of tickets in the PML-N although the number of the Bloc ran over 40 during the PML-N government in Punjab.

The legislators of the PML-Q both at the national and Punjab level, had revolted in the party in 2009 when they stood against the unopposed election of party President Ch Shujaat Hussain. Later they formed two groups under the nomenclature of PML-Likeminded in the centre and the Unification Bloc in Punjab. The latter extended support to ‘N’ government in Punjab and the Likeminded as part of the whole, also coveted the political dividend which it expected in the form of election tickets from the PML-N and for that purpose had even struck a formula with in May last year when the PML-N was on a take off position in popularity and was fast winning support of the bigwigs. Near the elections, the PML-N had a heavy load of tickets seekers while the Likeminded and unification both, as the report suggest, failed to bring in electable and potential candidates on the agreed number of seats, hence it was refused tickets which caused them internal disintegration and resulted in the rejuvenation of PML-Junejo by Hamid Nasir Chattha.

Kashmela Tariq, who twice got elected to the National Assembly, as part of the Likeminded is so far not in the picture of getting PML-N ticket neither on general nor the reserved seat. She is quite angry and says in a report that they have been cheated.

Another member of the Likeminded Humayun Akhtar Khan has filed his nomination papers in seven Lahore constituencies on the hope of getting ‘N’ ticket on any one of them after he was denied ticket by this party on his favourite Samundary seat. The head of the Likeminded Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim and Saleemullah Khan are also expected to get the N ticket from Sindh and Khyber PK while another eminent leader of the group Gohar Ayub Khan has joined the N League and his son Umer is expected to get ticket from Abbottabad. While talking to this scribe, Ata Maneka sounded quite cozy as part of the PML-N and getting its ticket.

He lamented that the Bloc did not stay intact due to Dr Tahir Javed. Maneka was also unconcerned over what has happened with others of his colleagues as he was quite complacent as part of the N League. He admitted seat agreement with the N-League but said “let bygones be bygones.”