POP chump Justin Bieber showed signs he’s going Wacko when customs officers caught him sneaking his pet monkey Mally into Germany.

Now the upstart seems intent on doing more to ape his chimp-loving music idol Michael Jackson - by creating his own Neverland-style zoo.

A source close to the off-the-wall teen said: “Justin’s become such a diva he doesn’t care if he faces prosecution over the monkey incident and wants to start building up a collection of even wilder animals.

“He’s been saying he loves the way Michael Jackson had an amazing collection of beasts and he wants his own zoo, including chimps, a llama, emu and camel. He thinks it will really infuriate officials if he starts trying to drag some of that lot on tour with him. He doesn’t seem to see the damage all this is doing to his reputation.”

“It’s part of his mad behaviour and hero worship of Jacko. And that’s very worrying considering the mess Jackson created for himself. Justin seems to be living in the same fantasy world as the King of Pop.”

Jacko - who travelled the world with his chimp Bubbles - had a private zoo at his 2,600-acre Neverland home in California. It housed chimps, tigers, giraffes, zebras, elephants, alligators, alpacas and snakes and cost more than £600,000 a year to maintain.

Worth more than £70million, Justin can easily afford his own menagerie. The 19-year-old Canadian - who once said his greatest ambition was to become the next King Of Pop - has sampled Michael Jackson on his records, copied his dance moves and voice, and mimicked his crazed dress sense - wearing handkerchiefs and masks just like his hero.

Die in Your Arms - a ballad on Justin’s 2012 album Believe - samples We’ve Got a Good Thing Going. And on Maria, a bonus track from the album, Justin mimics Jackson’s strangled vocal on Billie Jean.

Last November Justin spelt out how he and his management were mapping out his career inspired by the late drug-addled star who died aged 50 in 2009.

Justin said: “We use Michael as a template. The things that he did for his career - a lot of the times it was good, some of the times it was bad - but he was successful from being young to being old. “I model my career on the decisions Michael made and how he kept his young fan base and kept his private life private.”

Behaviour expert Dr Pam Spurr told The Sun that Justin’s recent behaviour “has all the hallmarks of someone spinning out of control the way the supremely talented yet ultimately tragic Michael Jackson did. Michael had, and Justin has, a rollercoaster lifestyle without brakes”.                –The Sun