KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Chief Munawar Hassan has said that the transparent elections will prove ultimate defeat to the terrorist elements.

He expressed these views on Monday while addressing a luncheon reception held at Idara-e-Noor Haq in honour of newly-elected office-bearers of Karachi Press Club.

He viewed that if the general elections would hold transparent then it will prove last nail in the coffin of terrorist and extortion mafia. Hasan further said that the honest JI leadership had the capability to bring a durable positive change in the country. Denouncing the culture of target killing and political intolerance in the megalopolis, he said. “Voters of other than a particular terrorist group are identified in Karachi and everyone knows what will happen later.”

On the occasion, JI chief hailed the role of media in general and journalists in particular for bold reporting during worst working environment in the City. He said all those journalists who reported the facts, refusing several pressures, played a commendable role.

He hoped that the electronic and print media would play its positive role in order to bring the change in the country. JI Sindh Ameer Dr Mairajul Huda Siddiqui while addressing on the occasion said that the plunderers had once again submitted the nomination papers and seemed that they would easily clear their scrutiny process, as the Election Commission were not discharging its duties accordingly. He urged the media that it should play its due role to foster awareness among the people of the country. Siddiqui hailed the democratic rule of Karachi Press Club and said that it was commendable for entire country.

JI Karachi Chief Hussain Mehanti said that the peace tolerance and democracy were need of the hour in respect of the current situation of the city. He termed the role of the media significant in upcoming general elections and said that the JI believes in the freedom of media.

“Contest elections in the city is tantamount to put life at risk but the JI leaders despite all odds have entered the arena in order to clean the city from extortionists and target killers,” he added.

On the occasion, KPC President Imtiaz Faran said that the media was among the four pillars but it did not recognise in constitution. “The media will play a vital role in bringing the change in the country if it will get constitutional cover.”  JI Karachi General Secretary Naseem Siddiqui, Central Deputy Secretary Qaisar Shareef, Information Secretary Zahid Askari and others also spoke on the occasion.