KARACHI - Business and industrial communities of Pakistan have requested President Asif Ali Zardari to intervene and asked FBR Chairman to immediately rescind all controversial SROs.

This was said by Mohammad Haroon Agar President KCCI in a letter written to the president.  The letter said “We would like to bring in your kind notice the recent unilateral, controversial and discriminatory SROs issued by the Federal Board of Revenue after meetings with certain non-representative entities.”  During whole process, the genuine stakeholders including trade specific All Pakistan Associations and most importantly KCCI were not consulted and were not even visited by Chairman FBR during his recent visit to Karachi, he added.

He said, KCCI and business community have rejected aforementioned controversial SROs and strongly believed that FBR may have some mala fide intention and ulterior motives behind these SROs. Providing an opportunity to the unscrupulous elements to enjoy edge over the genuine businesspersons and encourage corrupt FBR officials to grease their palms with illegal gratifications.

The acts of discrimination against business community while imposing additional tax burden and protecting the tax-evaders are the root cause of corruption and economic decline in Pakistan.

KCCI has already brought to the notice of Chairman FBR through various letters and statements in media that KCCI cannot and will not accept any imposed decision by FBR and its officials at their whims and discretion causing resentment and negative reaction within the trade and industry in Karachi.

Haroon said favourable response of the president in this regard will revive the shaken confidence of the business and industrial community of Pakistan.