ISLAMABAD - Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, hearing a case of Lal Masjid Commission report, on the insistence of Advocate Tariq Asad that apex court order the authorities to put name of Pervez Musharraf in the Exit Control List remarked that his name has already been put on ECL.Last week, Tariq Asad on behalf of Lal Masjid chief cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz, filed a petition in the Supreme Court to put former President Pervez Musharraf’s name on the ECL.The learned counsel pleaded that former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has recorded his statement before the Lal Masjid Commission, but the former president has defied commission’s order therefore authorities be directed to place the name of Musharraf on ECL as he may fly away from the country. The Chief Justice said that the Sindh High Court has already passed direction in this regard. But Asad contended that SHC has stopped him from leaving the country.Earlier, Lal Masjid Commission report, along with annexure, in sealed envelopes, was placed before the bench that was opened by Justice Iftikhar in the court. In the report one-man Commission head Federal Shariat Court Justice Shahzado Sheikh has claimed confidentiality. The bench having glance of it said that they would decide to make the Lal Masjid commission’s report public after going through the contents of the report in chambers.Regarding Tariq Asad plea of recording Musharraf statement by the Commission, the CJP said firstly, they would go through the contents of the commission’s report before passing any order in this regard.It is to be noted that SC on December 4 formed a commission, headed by Federal Shariat Court Justice Shahzado Sheikh, for fixing the responsibility of Lal Masjid 2007 incident. The legal experts believe that the SC move to probe the Lal Masjid assault, may irk Pakistan Army, which conducted the operation in 2007.On December 2, 2012, The SC had asked the commission to probe the reasons of Lal Masjid incident, how many people including men, women and from law enforcement agencies were killed. It also said that whether the state had paid the compensation to the heirs of killed people, whether the dead bodies were identified and handed over to their heirs, whether the action has been taken against the people who are responsible for the tragedy, whether the people who are responsible for the tragedy could be marked with the available evidences and facts. The case adjourned for two weeks.Online adds: Supreme Court accepting plea to keep the judicial commission report on Lal Masjid incident confidential has adjourned the hearing for two weeks. The plea was made by Commission head Justice Shahzad ul Sheikh.The case was heard by a three members bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry on Monday. Chief Justice during the hearing told Tariq Asad advocate, council of Lal Masjid administration that the Commission report probing the Lal Masjid incident is complete and we want to analyse the report in our chambers as the commission has requested that the report be kept confidential.Tariq Asad said that High Court is reluctant to put name of former President Pervez Musharraf on ECL. If he leaves than we would be compelled to think that all institutions are together on this. On this the learned court said that this is a matter of concerned court and they are in a better position to say anything about it.