Our outgoing political leaders being mortals were shortsighted at the end of their rule; all they did was to legitimize perks and privileges for their lifetime. Though their demeanor was akin to that of the ancient Pharaoh who were not answerable to their subjects, our politicians failed to learn any lesson from the ancient rulers, they ignored seeking perks and privileges for a life hereafter and only worked for their life on earth.

The former representatives of our people should have asked the government to arrange to mummify their dead bodies and build pyramid where their dead bodies along with those of the state provided private secretaries, cooks, drivers, security guards could be buried along with safe storage of the accumulated wealth acquired during their five year rule. Our empty exchequer would not have been further emptied as this would have drawn tourists from all over the world. We could have vied with the 3500 years old Egyptian Pyramid site, thus the country would have reaped a windfall from influx of tourists. The interim government could do one more good deed and order some Pyramids built for all these hard working outgoing guardians of democracy, by issuing an ordinance which will be certainly passed with no questions asked, by the future Assemblies.


Peshawar, March 25.