RAWALPINDI - A group of angry lawyers of District Courts Monday locked up Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Muhammad Aslam Gondal, also serving as Returning Officer (RO) in NA-52, in his courtroom for allegedly misbehaving with a senior lawyer during the proceeding of a case.The detained judge Muhammad Aslam Gondal, however, remained present in his retiring room for some time and later went out from the back door. In protest, the judges left working in the Judicial Complex for the whole day. According to Ghulam Mustafa Kandwal, a senior lawyer, Hussnain Chohan appeared before the court of ASJ Muhammad Aslam Gondal Saturday last and filed an application in connection with a case. However, the judge made huge delay in deciding the application and kept lingering the issue. The lawyer asked the judge as to why he took so much time to proceed into the plea on which the judge got angry and left his seat to beat the lawyer, Kanwal said.On this the lawyers held a meeting and brought the matter into notice of Session Judge Syed Mahroof Muhammad Ali requesting him to stop the judge from performing his judicial duties and transfer him from Rawalpindi, he said. He said that the Session Judge assured the DBA that action would be taken against the ASJ. The senior lawyer added that District Bar Association (DBA) general body also convened a meeting in which they passed resolution against the judge who misbehaved with the senior lawyer. He said that the lawyers would also observed complete strike against the ASJ and would not present before him in any case.Online adds: The incident has once again highlighted the high-handedness of lawyers to achieve self-favoring results relating to different cases and persons. Sadly, when action is taken against the legal workers, then they hold protests, observe strike and even resort to challenging the writ of the government. With latest brawl, election process was halted. The process of scrutiny of nomination papers of candidates has been halted due to the incident, raising concerns.After due negotiations, the judge was released from the back door of the room in he was locked.