PESHAWAR - The Pakistan Stone Development Company (PASDEC) is all set to establish Mohmand Marble City in Fata despite security risks.

The development of Mohmand Marble City Fata has always been a priority for the PASDEC.

In a press release issued on Monday, the company said that the area was mainly recognised for its valuable reserves of marbles and granites.

Lack of organised efforts due to regulations, security concerns and dearth of infrastructure facility, the area has remained unattended until recently upon an initiative of the PASDEC, the need for the Marble City was recognised at the highest level of Fata administration and provincial level as well.  

The PASDEC was able not only to convince but also get commitment from the administrative bodies concerned to establish the first ever industrial estate of its kind in the Fata.

The decision has been widely hailed especially amongst those stakeholders whose businesses were badly affected by security situation and were subsequently closed. Majority of these were marble processing units. 

Marble City will not only provide opportunities to the violence-hit people but will be a valuable access to businesses with countries located in the northern region.

It will ultimately become an important market as well as a business centre for countries of the region.

To achieve the desired goals, the Fata Development Authority and PASDEC have joined hands and are putting their best efforts to accomplish the project development in shortest possible time.

The contractors and consultants are fully mobilised despite critical nature of situation in the area and lack of interest of participation by the companies to work in the area.

The PASDEC has been able to start construction work on the project.