KARAK - Vice Chancellor Khushal Khan Khattak University Professor Dr Ibrahim Khattak on Monday said that the parents and educational institutions should jointly play their role in personality development of the children.

Vice Chancellor Khushal Khan Khattak University Professor Dr Ibrahim Khattak said this while addressing a concluding session of the debate held here between the faculty members and students with the title ‘who should decide my future my parent or I’.

The VC said the culture reflects the identity of any nation. “If a nation forgets its culture and values, it actually vanishes its identity,” he added.

Khattak said that good and timely decisions regarding the career of a student had far-lasting effects on their lives, therefore, all important decisions should be taken with the consultation of the parents.

He said that educated people remained successful in every of field of life as they could mould very unfavourable circumstances in their favour.

He said that there were three kinds of maturity physical, emotional and intellectual and when a student gets them then he should take their decisions on his own and the parents should only play the role of a guide.

He said that their goals and objectives were the same to work for the welfare of humanity and today children were the parents of tomorrow, therefore, they should realise their responsibilities at the early stage.

Khattak underlined the need for taking decisions in the context of their culture values and added that Islam teaches us moderation, therefore, they should exhibit tolerance in all circumstances.

On the occasion, all faculty members particularly Professor Sharifullah, Assistant Profession Shah Deen Khattak and Head of department of Journalism and Mass Communication Amna Gul presented their viewpoints very excellently and the students also wholeheartedly participated in the debate.