Last five years of Pakistan People’s Party was probably the worst era in the history of Pakistan. It is equally vexing that this audacious pack of hyenas would regularly come on talk shows on Television and not only defend their wrongdoings but also defend the party and boast of their victory in the coming elections. They also know how to turn every conversation around to the martyrs of their party and have now introduced a new term ‘Bhuttoism.’ The term itself is very interesting and deserves some explanation. ‘Bhuttoism’ has two parts ‘Bhutto’ and ‘ism’; ‘ism’ has got philosophical connotations, used as socialism or existentialism etc.

The term means Bhutto’s philosophy; no one ever confronted Peoples Party leaders to effectively define this philosophy. If one looks back in history to Z A Bhutto’s life, he was the founder of the PPP party and the first civil martial law administrator of Pakistan, one can draw a sketch of his political life. He entered politics in mid 50s as a minister in a non-democratic, dictatorial regime of Iskandar Mirza. The next boss he found was Gen Ayub Khan whom he served from 1958 to Nov 1966. He left the government only when he developed differences with his boss over 1965 war and some issues of his personal life. He was perfectly at ease with both dictatorial regimes and never bothered about democracy or any principles.

He found a political party apparently on the basis of socialism rather Islamic socialism.  He allied with progressive leftist in the industrialised urban Pakistan and sided with status quo feudal in the rural areas of Sindh and Punjab to win elections. Leaving his role in Dhaka debacle aside, once he got power, he abandoned his leftist comrades to win the support of right wing status quo forces to strengthen and perpetuate his rule. He miserably failed to confine military to barracks and rather promoted sycophancy with his attitude when dealing with top Army brass. He showed no political acumen at the time of promotion of military chief. He was sent to the gallows by none other but by his own handpicked Army chief. ‘Bhuttoism’ is a new name of pragmatism or realism and these terms are there for ages. People’s Party government’s policy of reconciliation is yet another name of Bhuttoism. Replacing idealism with pure power politics is Bhuttoism and surprisingly Imran Khan nowadays is often drawing an analogy of his politics with Bhutto’s politics in his public gatherings. He needs to be more careful in quoting or naming anyone from history, but then history also varies with who is writing it.


Australia, March 28.