LAHORE - Former Governor of Punjab and Secretary General PPP, Latif Khosa has urged the Punjab caretaker Chief Minister Mr. Najm Sethi, to reshuffle Punjab bureaucracy measuring up to the imperatives of holding fair, free and impartial elections in the province.

“Delay in this regard will be grossly detrimental to the mandate of the caretakers”, he cautioned in a press statement.

Mr. Khosa said that during the last five years of Shahbaz Sharif’s tyrannical rule, he had posted junior officers against the senior positions by ignoring  upright and senior officers of impeccable integrity  by giving preference to his blue-eyed junior officers who were ready to serve him without caring for the prescribed rules and regulations of governance.

Khosa emphasized that the posting and transfers should take place at the district and sub-division levels because at that level actual manipulation of the mandate was easy to carry out as was the cases in the past.

The PPP leader also mentioned that it was understood that the former Chief Minister held a meeting of top bureaucrats on the last day and told them, “treat me as Chief Minister on leave for sixty days and will be back after May 11 so behave”. He suggested the Caretaker Chief Minister to check the veracity of this and if found correct then reshuffling should be implemented without any delay.

Khosa said that in this background the Caretaker Chief Minister should not wait for more time as delay will strengthen the impression about the ineffectiveness of his administration which would affect the capacity of his government to hold fair, free and transparent elections.