KARACHI – Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST) is prepared to contest the general elections from various constituencies of Karachi and submitted nomination form for National and Provincial Assembly.

Talking to TheNation, PST spokesman Faheem Sheikh said that party would field 10 candidates for the National and 30 for Provincial Assembly seats of the Karachi.

About the electoral alliance, Sheikh said that after several meetings the party reached the decision that it will not form any electoral alliance with any political and religious party in Karachi while seat adjustment with different parties was possible.

To a question, he said that law and order situation of the Kharadar constituency was satisfactory and maintaining peace during election was responsibility of the care taker government to assure transparency.

“We have already stated that making Karachi arm free was the only solution to restore peace in the metropolis,” he added.

He informed that the party will soon announce its manifesto for upcoming election, adding that if PST formed government the peace in the financial hub of the country will be its first priority.

Earlier, PST Chief Sarwat Ejaz Qadri in a statement on Sunday said that if the people elected PST candidates in the up coming elections it end the corruption in the country and the robbers who looted the national exchequers would be tried.

He further stated that the country was passing through a worst phase and the purpose of PST to contest the elections was to bring the country out of crisis by coming into power.

He said that if the masses gave us a chance to govern then the PST will promote youth in every institute of the country.

When the PST contested in 2002 Elections, it was being expected that it will give tough time to the stake holder of Karach, however; it could not win even a single seat for national or provincial assembles.

IN 2008 election, the PST did not contest while the party came with the view to contest the up coming polls with full political strength.

Although, election campaign of the PST was not witnessed in the metropolis not even a public meeting regarding the election was organized by the party; however, party spokesmen have stated that they had launched election campaign in the city and party activists were busy in convincing people to vote for the PST in the upcoming general elections.