ISLAMABAD - Roots International Schools (RIS) has organised its junior sports Olympiad at the school premises.

The day began with an eclectic mix of nerves, excitement and a culmination of days and nights of grounding, students took in a multiplicity of games like picking of flowers, balloon bursting, three leg race, costume race, tug of war, penguin race, frog race, banana race, turtle race, frog race, daddy shoe race and bunny’s hoping race.

The purpose of Roots Olympiad is to improve the robustness and well-being of children by escalating opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play. The Olympiad included games like football, cricket, tennis, basketball and volleyball.

CEO RIS Walid Mushtaq distributed the prizes among the winners to appreciate their efforts and sportsman spirit. “One should recognise the value of sports in everyday life. It can help build up the fundamental movement skills that are the bases for life-long physical commotion and it also teaches teamwork, headship and other life skills,” the CEO RIS said.