Nationalist leaders of Balochistan have announced their participation in the coming general elections. By doing so, they have proved that they are patriotic and civilised people. Now it is the duty of all the political parties and the judiciary of Pakistan to stand for the people of Balochistan. All of their complaints should be redressed as soon as possible. People who have worked against the Baloch should be brought to justice. This will only be possible if all the political parties get together regardless of their vested political interests. If PPP can sit with coalition partners to save their government and PML-N can tolerate Zardari’s rule then I see no issue with all of them uniting to save a province of Pakistan.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has paved the way with some practical guidelines for bringing improvement in Balochistan, but the government did not chalk out any feasible policy nor take any action. Our political and military leadership has always claimed to be patriotic, well this is the time to show and prove that patriotism. Free and fair elections in Balochistan would be a groundbreaking achievement. I am sure the Election Commission of Pakistan, the caretaker governments, Superior Judiciary and Military will conduct such elections in Balochistan that will leave no room for doubt.


Lahore, March 29.