ISLAMABAD - A five-member SC bench, hearing intra-court appeal of NAB Chairman Admiral (r) Fasih Bukhari, directed the SC office to produce the complete record of the case before the court today.

Latif Khosa, counsel for the NAB chairman, said it would have been better to first determine how the confidential letter was publicised by the media before issuance of contempt of court notice to his client. He contended that the contempt notice, issued on March 20, 2013, was not in line with relevant law as Bukhari had asked for recusal of CJP from the bench for being biased.

Trying to justify the contents of the letter and criticising the SC for meddling into NAB affairs, Khosa said the parameter of interference into the functions of investigations by the statutory agencies as laid down in some old judgments of the apex court had been ignored by the three-member bench.

Bukhari prayed the court to set aside the notice to him in the contempt case for writing the letter against the judiciary.