Baffled by disclosure of worst corruption, Assistant Commissioner Abdul Fatah Haleo lost his mind and got registered a fake case against The Nation Bahawalnagar Correspondent and his brother for reporting the truth and raising voice for the victims of officer’s corruption.

Corruption of AC Abdul Fatah Haleo has assumed ‘proverbial status’ in Bahawalnagar district as victims of his corruption have been surfacing on almost daily basis. However, after the media reported the matter and gave voice to the legitimate demands of the affected people, the AC started targeting the local media men, particularly The Nation Correspondent Sohali Khan. He got registered a fake case against Sohail and his younger brother Asim for “what is described” as going against the ‘mighty’ AC.

Abdul Fatah Haleo has got registered a case at the A Division Police Station although the police itself are well aware of the constant protests being held on daily basis against the AC.

It is to be noted that a couple of days ago, some cronies of the AC have hurled life threats to correspondent of a local channel Pir Adnan Asghar Bodla.

Meanwhile, the journalists community condemned the intimidation tactics of the AC and registration of a fake case against the journalist. They urged Bahawalnagar DPO Athar Ismail to ensure rule of the law and protection of working journalists, especially in the face of such corruption revenue officer.

The journalists community demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to take notice of the lawlessness and corruption of the AC.

They urged the Chief Minister to order cancellation of the fake case and take a stern action against the AC.

Meanwhile, local social and police circles lauded DPO Athar Ismail for ordering registration of case against “Land Mafia’ guru” despite enormous pressure.

The wave of protest against the Bahawalnagar AC’s corruption has been getting momentum as almost all the representatives section of the society joined hand to expose the worst abuse of authority.

All the student wings of religious parties installed placards in inscribed with different slogans against the AC’s corruption. They also lauded the courage of the DPO who got registered a case against land mafia’s guru and AC’s henchman Abdul Rehman Qureshi, who hurled life threats to a journalist.

It has been learnt that subordinate staff of revenue department has been engaged to protect their officer’s corruption and try to curb protest against him.