SADIQABAD -  Despite the Punjab government’s directives to provide free medicines for patients in the government hospitals, the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital here is still faced with shortage of drugs and absence of doctors.

Various patients and visitors at the hospital including Abdul Ahad, Gulam Rasool, Allah Dad, Muhammad Ali, Khurram Shazad, Muhammad Siddiq and others reported that most of the patients had to buy medicines as they were denied the same by the hospital dispensary.

They said that the doctors remain absent from duty and indirectly motivate the patients to visit their private clinics for treatment. Various social organisations have urged philanthropists to donate funds for the regular supply of medicines, x-ray films and surgical equipment to the government hospitals as the Punjab governments had failed to provide healthcare for the people.

The people have demanded that the Punjab chief minister, MNA Arhad Khan Leghari, Punjab Minister Muhammad Sharif should remove the negligent doctors and staff and ensure provision of funds for smooth supply of medicines to all the health facilities in the area.