ISLAMABAD  - Maryam Nawaz , the daughter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, seems to have made up her mind to formally jump into the national politics as she has changed her official name from Maryam Safdar to Maryam Nawaz , a reliable source in the PM House told The Nation.

Requesting anonymity, the official disclosed that Maryam Nawaz had changed her name from Maryam Safdar to Maryam Nawaz Sharif in the record of National Database and Registration Authority.

She had become Maryam Safdar after her marriage with Capt Safdar.

“Last week a special team of NADRA had arrived at the PM House where Maryam Safdar became Maryam Nawaz and her CNIC with new name was given to her the next day,” the official revealed.

According to the NADRA rules if anyone wants to change his/her name he or she can do it on the basis of Form B and the marriage certificate.

The PM’s daughter has always been publicly known as Maryam Nawaz but her name change in the NADRA record suggests that she is mulling to hold a public office in near future.

Earlier, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto had changed his name against the prevalent norm of using the father’s name by adding Bhutto to his name to elevate his political stature.

Interestingly, in the past two former presidents of Pakistan had also made some interesting modifications in their CNICs to immortalise their lifetime ‘achievements’. The first one was the former dictator general (retd) Pervez Musharaf who had added his professional title ‘General’ to his official name, which is against the NADRA rules. He is still a serving general according to the record of NADRA and the expiry date of his card is mentioned as ‘Taa Hayat’ (for life).  The second one was the former president Asif Ali Zardari who had mentioned himself in his CNIC as resident of ‘Aiwan-e-Sadr’.