The private schools are charging heavy fees in Sialkot district with the start of new academic session.

The poor parents are much perturbed, as it has become very hard to afford the costly education. They said that the private schools and colleges were promoting quality education in the society by fleecing the people in the shape of fees. They said that the institutions were keeping the poor away from quality education.

Some labourers said that providing the education to their children at the private schools had now become a dream, as they were unable to pay heavy fees and stationary charges to the private schools. They added that they were already much perturbed due to the sky-rocketing price hike.

In Daska, the private schools are not allowing the parents to purchase the academic books from the markets. They are taking heavy stationary charges from the parents. It was learnt that a sum of Rs17,500 was required for getting admission in Play Group in any private school of Daska.

They said heavy academic dues were out of the reach of common man. Sakeena Bibi said that her three children had been studying in a private school in Daska and it had increased the monthly tuition fee and stationary charges. She said that it had become unaffordable for her.

Muhammad Zafar, a trader, said that quality education had now become unaffordable for him due to manifold increase in the monthly fees and stationary charges.

On the other side, some owners of private schools were of the view that they were providing quality education, which would definitely be costly amidst price hike. However, they added that they were giving concession to the students belonging to poor families.

However, the parents said that the concession in heavy fees was minor. Local educational, social, political and religious circles have expressed grave concern over the nasty situation and urged the government to check the “highhandedness” of the private schools.