Punjab Minister for Prisons Ch Abdul Waheed Arrain has said that the opponents of Civil Secretariat in South Punjab are living in fools’ paradise as the secretariat would facilitate the public at large in resolution of problems being faced by them.

Addressing the participants of a welcome function organised in his honour here in Sabzwari Town on Tuesday, he added that the PML-N leadership took solid steps to offer relief to the residents of South Punjab and the idea to set up a Civil Secretariat was also part of this vision.

Referring to recent cut on petroleum prices, he said that it was a big proof of public-friendly politics of PML-N. He claimed that more relief would be offered to the masses in coming days, adding that steps were being taken to end loadshedding besides bringing the tariff of electricity down.

He said that indictment of former dictator Parvez Musharraf in high treason case was triumph of the law and Constitution. He added that Musharraf’s indictment proved that the judiciary was free in the country and it took decision in light of constitution.