Lahore - Punjab Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar has said that traders would be involved by the government in framing economic policies of the country.

Without activating trading and business neither economy of the country can be improved nor the target of prosperity can be achieved, said the Governor while talking to a delegation of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industries (LCCI) which led by President of the Chamber Sohail Lashari who called on him on Tuesday.

He said the past testifies that whenever Nawaz Sharif came to power, trade and business activity in the country flourished. In the current situation rule of Nawaz Sharif augers well for the economy of the country. He said Nawaz Sharif and his team are making all out efforts to steer the country out of current economic crisis and it is fruit of their successful policies and wise decisions that direction of the state economy has been set right. The governor also appreciated the business community of the country for helping the government in its efforts despite the fact they faced energy crisis, and other problems.

The governor also promised the LCCI delegation to address problems of the business community. He promised to personally talk to the prime minister on their problems relating to the taxation etc.

The Governor said the government believes in broadening tax net instead of burdening the people with additional taxes. He also informed the delegation that the contribution of tax in the total GDP is just eight percent while a wide range of tax can help Pakistan overcome the financial woes.

The delegation expressing willingness to pay taxes suggested steps for controlling smuggling of the foreign items and under-invoicing and also for taking the traders into confidence on tax levying and recoveries modes.