Karachi - National Bank of Pakistan has denied a news item published in The Nation on April 1, titled ‘NBP mega loan scam in Bangladesh’, containing charges against NBP Senior Executive Zubair Ahmed.

In a press release, the NBP vehemently denied the charges levelled against Zubair Ahmed, saying the news item was a one-sided story, published without obtaining the bank’s version. “It is important to note that Zubair Ahmed was not posted in Bangladesh at the time of this loan as mentioned in the news. He is a seasoned banker with a vast international and national experience. He played a pivotal role for Pakistan when economic sanctions were imposed on the country. During his entire career at the bank, no charge was ever levelled against him,” the PR said.

“The story is based on mala fide intention to harm the national profitable financial institute which is functioning as the backbone of the country’s economy,” it asserted.