Content of a book matters more than the material on which it is written. Papyrus, leather, paper and LCD all have been used by humans to display written content at different times. I want to share my ideas about ebooks which are our future. Certainly an ebook is no way inferior to a paperback. I have read many books online and I find my experience more flexible and more gratifying. Here you can choose font type and colour of the text and can set back ground of your choice. These facilities are not available on printed pages. My small device carries almost a library of books.

I feel that many of my friends avoid ebooks. It is strange for me that my friends have accepted everything modern, like TV, film, cell phone and computer but resist ebooks. Despite widespread apathy towards ebooks I haven’t lost hope. Maybe our next generation will adopt them. In coming decades no printed books and newspapers will be available. Few years ago Oxford announced that now dictionary will be available in softcopy only.


Islamabad, March 6.