Travelling by public transport is a herculean task for any women in Pakistan. Female school, college or university going students and working women bear this ordeal daily. Men, pass indecent remarks and stare at women, which is a nuisance. Drivers play vulgar songs. Sometimes they even touch the female passengers sitting next to them, on the front seats while pretending to change gear. Women don’t raise their voice and give up their seat not to create a scene. The conductor also doesn’t waste any opportunity and plays his part, while collecting fare. Moreover, in collaboration with the driver the conductor bumps into standing female passengers, on the application of sudden brakes. I would like to ask all these men, travelling in buses, to think how they would feel if this was done to their sisters, daughters or wives? I would like to say if they want their sisters, daughters and wives to be safe and respected they must respect all females, or somewhere some male would be playing with their respect.


Karachi, March 4.