MIRPUR (AJK) -  Seeking Ulema’s cooperation, AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan urged the people not to give charity to the banned outfits, which utiltise the funds in terrorist activities, so that only the deserving poor could be financially helped.

He asked the religious scholars to educate the common people about donating their due share to the social welfare organisations so that their donations could not be used for negative purposes. He was addressing a ceremony organised by Federal Ministry for Information in connection with its programme “Haq!Haqdaar Tak”  in the state capital town late Friday.

He said the programme “Haq!Haqdaar Tak” should also be initiated in AJK government. Collection of Zakat is responsibility of government and people should realise their responsibilities before distributing their Zakat and other donations, he said. He said government has transferred Rs300 million from Zakat fund for the treatment of poor and needy patients in AJK.

He said that out of billions of rupees annual charity given by the people, around 30 to 35 percent was taken away by banned and dubious outfits, which use the same against the people or to fund their nefarious designs.

The prime minister said that different government institutions were discharging their responsibility to check the financing for banned organisations. He said it was a national obligation to convey the message to the common people at large that during Ramazan and immediately afterwards they should give charity with utmost care and in accordance with the Islamic guidelines.

Raja Farooq Haider further said, “Our close relatives and the poor in our neighborhood need our help the most and the donations can also be given to improve the public facilities in our surroundings like schools, dispensaries, playgrounds for the poor children.”

He also said that poor people who became handicapped in bomb blasts or those families whose earning member was killed in any blast also need our attention. The executive director of the programme Bushra Taskeen said that the ministry had launched again the campaign which would continue during Ramazan on the official media and urged the Ulmas to join hands in the national cause.

She informed the participants that the public awareness campaign “Haq Haqdar Tak” has been re-launched with expectation from the all segments of the society to support the initiative.

She said in Pakistan, thousands of charity organisations are working for education, healthcare, economic uplift and communities. “It is very important we redirect our donations to charities helping victims and survivors of terrorism by raising awareness against the misuse of their funding in the shape of terrorist financing,” she said. Member AJK Legislative Assembly Dr Bashir Mustafa, professor Taqdees Gillani, Raja Aftab Ahmed, Javed Ayub, Farid Abbas Naqvi and Dr Abdul Karim also addressed the participants.