SIALKOT  -  Experts from University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore have urged the industrialists and exporters to divert their resources into dairy and livestock. 

They said that there were bright opportunities of promotion of dairy and livestock business in Sialkot region. They stated this while addressing the participants of an awareness seminar held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). 

SCCI President Majid Raza Bhutta presided over the seminar. A large number of dairy and livestock farmers, breeders and the representatives of trade bodies also attended the seminar. 

The senior experts including Mumtaz Khan Manais and Dr Hassan Mehmood Warraich from University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore said that the exporters also focus their attention on the business diversification. 

They also shared several success stories, their experience and working with the exporters. They revealed that there was a huge scope and potential of establishing dairy and livestock farms in Sialkot region. The experts assured Sialkot exporters of full cooperation and guidance and technical assistance. They said that the time was ripe for the Sialkot based industrialists and exporters to take dairy and livestock business as an industry to be promoted in the region. 

The SCCI president said that there was golden opportunity for the exporters as they could develop their dairy and livestock development businesses in the extra spaces and places in their factories. 

The SCCI president, Dr Aslam Dar, Khawar Anwar Khawaja, Dr Khurram Anwar Khawaja (former SCCI Presidents), Asad Sajjad, Khawaja Musharraf and Shafiqur Rehman showed keen interest in the business of dairy and livestock. They said that there were bright opportunities for the exporters to divert their business line to the dairy and livestock.