Rahim Pardesi also known as 'Nasreen', the comedian on social media, said in a latest video for 'Dark is Divine' "everyone is beautiful irrespective of how they look or dress."

In a video message the comedian gave a serious message, “No matter what size shape or colour you are, you are beautiful. You should never judge anyone by the way they look the way they dress, just love one another.”

He also praised ‘Dark is Divine’ for its efforts in raising awareness in this regard.

Rahim Pardesi has his own facebook page where he posts short humorous clips regarding 'desi' life style and they become an instant hit. He has a fan following of all ages. 

‘Dark is Divine’ is a campaign that is being run by Fatima Lodhi. She has been creating awareness regarding dark skin complexion and its beauty. 'Dark is Divine' has reached to a number of countries and created awareness and acceptance in the societies.