KARACHI - Aam Log Ittehad chief Justice (retd) Wajihuddin Ahmed has said that all major political parties work for their vested interests, as politics has been made a lucrative business in Pakistan.

Addressing a workers’ convention at his residence in Karachi, he said the agents and representatives of the elite people were sitting in assemblies. He said that Karachi had been converted into a heap of garbage. Provincial governments get funds from the central government, but do not spend them on the welfare of the poor people.

He said the provincial government of Sindh was not ready to give some resources to local governments or even to its own ministers. He said the rulers in Sindh were concentrating all funds in their own hands to embezzle them easily.

He said that pro-people and patriotic political parties should come forward and help solve the problems of the poor masses. He said that a system should be developed where children of the president, prime minister and all ministers and top government officers should attend government-run schools and get medical care from government-run hospitals and commute in public transport vehicles. He said they would surely introduce this system if they came in power. He said they would also introduce drastic reforms in the agriculture sector. He said, “We will ensure 100 percent employment.”

On the occasion, Mazdoor Kissan Party chief SM Altaf, President of Pakistani Aam Log Party Safdar Rizvi, columnist and journalist Humera Athar, Mohsin Khan, Fizza Moen, Azhar Jameel, Arshad, Eenuddin, Tahir Saeed and noted social workers Suraya Merchant and Babra also spoke.

Justice Wajihuddin said that “real political parties” of the people should work and resolve issues of the masses. He said there was no opportunity for the poor people to have some free of cost recreation in Karachi. He said that gates of the parks like Frere Hall Park had been closed for the common people. He said that Zamzama and Nisar Shaheed parks had already been commercialised. Boat Basin was developed with huge money extracted from taxpayers, but it was neglected and destroyed. Now the government is giving Ibne Qasim park to real estate tycoon Malik Riaz for 10 years.

He will spend Rs500 million on it and nobody knows how much money he will reap from it. He said the rulers should at least spare the public parks from their unending greed. He said that pro-people parties should come forward and play a proactive role at the grassroots level. He said that his party had emerged as a major political force representing the common people.  He said, “If we are given a chance, the party will change the system of education, health care, public transport and agriculture and provide people 100 percent employment.”