KARACHI - Expressing dismay over the decision of the provincial government to surrender the services of Sindh Police Inspector General Allah Dino Khowaja to the federal government, Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor said it was beyond understanding why honest and competent officers were not welcome to the province and why the provincial government was committed to patronising and promoting the crooked, dishonest and incompetent people.

He said that IG AD Khowaja was a “relatively honest and competent police officer” and he was fighting tooth and nail to curb corruption and irregularities in Sindh Police and make it a civilised and professional force.

He said that Khowaja’s opposition to political appointments in Sindh Police was an open secret. However, he said, corruption kings and queens of Sindh were unhappy with him because he had plainly refused to recruit political cadres of the ruling party to the police department.

Altaf Shakoor said the tragedy of Sindh was feudal lords ruling the province. He said that illiterate and semi-literate feudal lords inside and outside the assemblies were cruelly ruining this province. These spineless greedy people were only concerned about please their masters; they do not even think about the rights and interests of the poor people, whose votes send them to assemblies. Unless the province of Sindh gets rid of these feudal lords, the fate of its people cannot be changed, he said. He appealed to the apex court of Pakistan to ensure that recruitments to police and all other departments of the federal government and provinces are made through public service commissions.

He appealed to the court to declare all recruitments not made by public service commissions null and void and make the affected employees to go through the recruitment process again.