Recently, a tricycle distribution was conducted among the people with disabilities by the Social Welfare Department Balochistan, and around 30 tricycles were disturbed among them. It is a very appreciable work, but there is a need for more awareness about the rights of the people with disabilities. As being the citizens of Turbat, I have seen a large number of people with disabilities, begging in streets just to feed themselves three times a day. Then what about those people with disabilities who are just suffering from problems. Just providing 30 tricycles to disabled people cannot change their destiny. Around 10% of the population of Balochistan is disabled and they are deprived of their fundamental rights. Most of them beg just for food, and are not employed. I request the Chief Minister of Balochistan, Nawab Sanaullah Zehri, to provide jobs to people with disabilities and make life easier for them. 


Turbat, March 13.