I want to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the environment we are living in. The world we live in is transforming into a big global village. Unprecedented advancement in Information Technology exposes the faults of a social system and promotes the search for alternatives. 

I look at the environment that I live in and find many anomalies. The first defect that I see is morality. The deeply entrenched corruption and endemic poverty has crippled our economy and other components of our government. The banking crisis and the flight of funds to foreign countries by the elite and ruling class again shows that the system relies on greed and acquisitiveness. It also divides societies into rich and poor. The coexistence of great wealth and massive poverty offends our sense of justice. 

The second fault that I feel is the abuse of political power. In an environment of greed and deceit, the democratic system is crumbling down. The nation has polarized into small and divided groups of ethnic, linguistic and regional biases, thus, making it difficult to stand united for a common cause of alleviating ever increasing burden of existence on common people. 

Masses are crushed under the weight of the cost of living, insecurity, no availability of essentials like water, health care and clean air. Law and order is pathetic and unable to provide protection to public. Vehicular traffic is chaotic, creating pollution of both air and noise is which is intolerable. Yet the ruling elite are obsessed with greed of wealth and power. 

I, as a young citizen of Pakistan worry and think about the future of our budding generation. Are we going to join the status quo or stand and struggle for a better tomorrow? 


Karachi, March 13.