Ather Ali Khan  -  Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif and Pakistan Muslim League (N) President, is committed to serve the people to build the bond between the government and the people.

He understands that objective of any democratically government is to improve the lives of the citizens by providing them education, employment opportunities and health facilities.

Of course, quality of life is directly linked to the social profile of the country i.e. education, health, nutrition and access to clean drinking water.

Punjab government has been trying to provide such facilities to all districts of the province, but from 2013 onwards uplift of South Punjab was its priority as this region was neglected despite tall claim of the rulers in past.

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif visited Dera Ghazi Khan and inaugurated public welfare and development projects worth billions of rupees and also laid the foundation stones of various development and welfare projects.

The chief minister inaugurated the restoration and expansion of the road from Choti Zareen to Choti Bala. The road completed at the cost of Rs360 million, will facilitate large number of commuters.

The chief minister also inaugurated the Kot Chatha bypass project on Indus Highway constructed at the cost of Rs.450 million - the construction and restoration of road from Basti Milana to Haidri Chowk, and the restoration and construction of road from Mehboob Mor to Aalim Khan on Indus Highway were completed under the Khadam-e-Punjab Rural Roads Program at the cost of Rs 300million.

The chief minister also inaugurated the modern trauma centre of 20 beds at Taunsa THQ, which has been constructed at the cost of Rs100 million.

He also inaugurated the Government Girls High School, Head Zero, Choti Zareen. He laid the foundation stone of the Child Protection Institute in Dera Ghazi Khan, which will be completed at the cost of Rs150 million.

Addressing a large public gathering, Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said the PML-N government has completed projects worth Rs47 billion in Dera Ghazi Khan, during the last nine and half years, while during the last four and half years, an investment of 27 billion rupees has been made on the development and welfare of the people of Dera Ghazi Khan.

He also announced the Cadet College in Fort Munro and THQ Choti Zareen. Announcing the merit for the children from poor families of DG Khan and Rajanpur, the chief minister said a committee for this purpose has already been constituted.

He expressed his resolve to develop the South Punjab and bring it at a par with Lahore and other developed districts of Punjab. Of course, Punjab government has already set up modern hospitals and schools including Daanish schools in DG Khan and Rajanpur.

He said children of aristocracy study in Aitcheson College while the children from the poor family get quality education in Daanish Schools, as Daanish schools are the parents of orphans, as the children from poor family get free education, residence and food there. He said he had worked day and night for the development of the South Punjab.

He said Pakistan is great blessing of Allah Almighty and it was established after huge sacrifices by our forefathers under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam. He said: "If we fail to develop the country according to the dream of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, will not be pardoned in the life hereafter. We serve the public day and night, and I remain busy in the service of people from six in the morning to 12 midnight, and I have no time to respond to the allegations of opposition."

He said it was due to the great sacrifices of the armed forces that terrorism has been reduced significantly.

He appealed to the judiciary, army, parliament and politicians to work jointly for the development and progress of Pakistan, as this nation is very distressed and 220 million people want elimination of poverty, illiteracy and joblessness.

The PML-N government has put the country on the path to development after steering it from crises. He said power crisis had hurt the economy, and the PML-N government started projects and generated thousands of MW of electricity by working day and night for this purpose.

He said: "If the PML-N government had not taken selfless measures, then there would have been darkness everywhere in the country... It is our government which has given subsidy of billions of rupees on fertilizers; interest free loans were given to small farmers; education scholarships have been given to talented students from poor families; modern hospitals have been set up and standardized free medicines have been given in hospitals first time in the history." There has been another development in the field of education.

An agreement was signed between Punjab School Education Department and Pakistan Air Force (PAF), under which the Cadet College will be set up in Fort Munro area of Dera Ghazi Khan.

The signing ceremony was attended by Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, Federal Minister for Energy Sardar Awais Khan Laghari, Air Chief Marshal and other officials.

Secretary School Department of Education, Dr Allah Bakhash Malik, of Punjab Government and Deputy Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal Shahid Akhtar Alvi, signed the agreement. Government of Punjab will provide 100 acres of land for the establishment of Cadet College and Welfare City in Fort Munro, and will also provide a grant of Rupees one billion.

He said that the plan for establishing the Cadet College in Fort Munro is truly a hallmark, which will facilitate inhabitants of Dera Ghazi Khan and other areas of Southern Punjab. He said that we have full confidence in the professional capabilities of PAF, which has the ability to defeat enemies; and now its services for the well-being of society are also most appreciable.

He said this project of Special Education Centre, with the cooperation of PAF and Government of Punjab will be a role model. Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, who retired recently, addressed the participants of ceremony and said that "providing education and other facilities to public is an honour for me."