Public parks are the lungs of any city, where people come for fresh air and recreation. But in our colony, the park has long been abandoned. It has not been maintained in terms of hygiene as well as facilities. It suffers from neglect of the authorities. This affects the health and hygiene of people in the vicinity. The park is meant to be simply a safe haven for all local residents but currently, that is not happening.

Recently I passed by Frere Hall and saw school and college students cleaning the park. Out of curiosity I approached a student and asked about their activity. He told me that it was a clean drive initiated by Indus Motor Company (IMC) and I AM Karachi (IAK).

He also told me that this activity is taking place in many more areas of Karachi. I was thrilled to hear that at least someone is doing something positive about the environment and that our younger generation is participating with enthusiasm in owning their city


Karachi, March 19.