It is without question or dispute that as there has been a colossal number of human migrations to Karachi for a slew of personal and professional purposes, this has resulted in the enormous influx of cars and miscellaneous methods of the urban commute.  

Due to the haphazard, downright mismanaged enforcement and irresponsible adherence to road laws, the city’s streets have been entangled in one another and strips of roads have been completely overtaken by exasperating levels of traffic. Traffic has largely been a result of the city authorities’ incomprehensive mapping of Karachi’s roads to meet the demands of more vehicles on the road, and also the general lack of a sense of driving responsibly by the general commuter. Karachi’s traffic is a menace to the modern age, a menace that has begotten economic, social and psychological drawbacks. 


Karachi, March 19.