ISLAMABAD-Bhara Kahu police on Monday arrested alleged kidnapper Adnan and recovered a citizen, Abdul Basit, from their captivity.

According to details, Adan had kidnapped Basit. Upon the complaint of Basit’s father Naseer, a case was registered under section 364-A and ASI Fayyaz Akbar was assigned the task, who not only recovered the abducted citizen but also arrested the accused Adnan.

Meanwhile, police arrested 30 outlaws from various areas of the capital and recovered narcotics, wine, weapons and stolen bikes from their possession, a police spokesman informed The Nation the same day.

He further said that Noon police arrested Hayat Khan and recovered 1,200 grams of hashish from him while Secretariat police arrested Ilyas and recovered 1,375 grams of hashish from him.

Kohsar police arrested William Masih and recovered 200 grams of hashish from him. Karachi Company police arrested Araslan and Saneel for having 20 litters of wine, while Riaz Khan was held for alleged involvement in a theft case.

Bhara Kahu police arrested Junaid for having 315 grams of hashish and Shabbir for decanting gas in cylinders illegally.

Ramna police arrested a bootlegger Yasir and recovered 10 wine bottles and 40 cans of beer from his possession. Shams Colony police arrested Awaiz Mukhtar and Ali besides recovering a total of 1,370 gram hashish from him.

Golra police arrested Imran and Waqar Khan and recovered 280 grams of heroin and one 30-bore pistol from their possessions, respectively.

The police also arrested a Nigerian national Marceldgh residing illegally in the country while Iqrar Shah was held for selling petroleum products illegally.

Khanna police arrested Mubshair and recovered 210 grams of hashish from him while Koral police held Raja Khawer, Shaoor, Ali, Sampsun Myakal, Shahba Nawaz, Kamran and Khuram Shahzad and recovered a total of 20 litters of wine, 440 grams hashish and one 30-bore pistol from their possession.

Industrial Area police recovered a stolen bike from an accused Usman, while Sihala Police arrested Said Khan for having 213 grams of hashish.

Two other accused Munwar and Azan Abbassi were held for having three wine bottles and 250 gram heroin from their possession.

Lohibher police held Asif and recovered 20 litters of wine from him. Aabpara police arrested accused Kamran and recovered one 30-bore pistol from him.

Nilor police arrested Zafran and recovered one 30-bore pistol along with ammunition from him while CIA police arrested Zohaib Akram and recovered 258 grams of hashish from him.

Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further Investigation is underway from them.