ISLAMABAD : A French Journalist Paul Comiti, who was released by Srinagar police after three-week arrest, is welcomed by Pakistani authorities at border.

The French journalist had been in Kashmir for making a documentary titled ‘Kashmir: The War on the Roof of the World’ claimed that after a few days of filming, the Director of the Srinagar Police summoned him along with his team.

They were arrested by the Srinagar police and kept in jail for three weeks. After the incarceration, Indian authorities expelled the team.

The team turned to Pakistan where it was warmly welcomed by Pakistani authorities. The team was also allowed to accompany a Pakistani patrol along the border.

According to the journalist, the Poonch Valley breaks all records of bombing where civilians are being killed and wounded by Indian forces.

According to him, a school was targeted by mortar fire and despite gaping holes in the walls, the school was operational. “We filmed this endless war by India for almost 60 years,” he said, adding India has seized a paradise which is perhaps one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  “Along the border, over-armed soldiers look down on each other. Between fights, attacks, and repression, the dead count stands by thousands today. UN has listed 1881 ceasefire violations by India.”

He says that his documentary begins from Srinagar, the capital of Indian Occupied Kashmir. “On Friday, the day of the Great Prayer, Indian soldiers confront determined separatists. At the heart of riots are children and adolescents.”  Each week since 2016, armed with simple stones, they face soldiers ... who do not hesitate to use their funnel-shaped rifles to spray the demonstrators with hundreds of buckshots.  The bruised bodies and the blinded ones are counted by hundreds. The Indian government started become more and more suspicious of our presence.