Karachi  -    Adviser to Sindh CM on Information and Archives Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan deserve Nobel prize for bringing Tsunami of price hike in the country.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, the adviser said that tsunami of price hike has been unleashed on the masses, adding that after unprecedented increase in the prices of drugs and other essential commodities, prices of petroleum products have been jacked up, dealing a severe blow to the public already sobbing under the burden of inflation. “Those making statements of bringing out scream of people have turned it into reality by bringing record inflation,” he said, adding that unrealistic policies of the failed rulers have multiplied miseries of the common men. 

Wahab said that if PTI does not mend its ways, they would be unable to protect themselves from wrath of the masses. He pointed out that the prime minister talked about good news few days back regarding exploration of oil reservoir from the limits of Arabian Sea near Karachi, adding that they could not find oil but PTI government has squeezed the oil for common men.

He said that 100 percent rates of medicines have been increased and demanded the Prime Minister to please check prices of medicines. He posed a question that was this new Pakistan?  Prices of Sugar, he said has been raised by Rs3per kg.  He said that what kind of relief has been provided to people of Pakistan other than inflation in last seven months.  He said that it was beyond comprehensive that MQM is not raising its voice against price hike which jumped to opposition benches when they were coalition partners in the PPP government on issue of oil prices.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that FBR had utterly failed to collect stipulated target of revenue collection in last five months, adding that short fall in tax collection has reached to Rs319 billion while 26% decrease has been recorded in exports.

He said that PTI ministers are fighting with each other for their own interest and paying no attention to the public issues.