ISLAMABAD-A book titled ‘Modi’s War Doctrine’ written by former interior minister Senator Rehman Malik will be launched today (April 2) here at the Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services.

The book contains a comprehensive study of Indian designs of escalation before every past Lok Sabha General Election in India.

In his book, Senator Malik has amply covered the history of events carried out by the India successive governments for aggravating anti-Pakistan hatred amongst Indians, thus exploiting their nationalism. The author has exposed as to how the past governments in India benefited from the self-created issues against Pakistan.

The book carries valuable knowledge about the Hindu extremist organisation RSS and its involvement in the terrorist activities being carried out against the Muslims and other minorities in India.

It defines how the RSS attracts the Hindu young generation towards ‘saffron ideology’ and transforms the youngsters into skilled terrorist by imparting them physical training. The minds of young Hindus get polluted through the RSS extremist Hindu preaching and they get exploited towards creation of ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

The author has briefly discussed about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upbringing in RSS training center and his growth in the RSS ranks owing to his physical involvement in terrorist acts.

The chapter on progression of Narendra Modi from a RSS terrorist to the Prime Minister of India clearly reflects of RSS preaching and training in his Political manoeuvres.

Narendra Modi is in fact carrying forward concept of creation of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ where only Hinduism will prevail. The aggression against Muslims in India and the other minorities is the base of ‘Hindutva’ conception.

The author has very clearly co-related the moves of present Indian government in conformity with the statements of RSS and BJP leadership declaring the non-existence of Pakistan in coming few years.

The book is a complete package of knowledge and information. Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani will preside over the launching ceremony.