ISLAMABAD - A two-day Face Foundation for Arts, Culture and Education ‘music mela 2019’ will be held at Pakistan National Council of the Arts from April 12.   The music mela will feature concerts by a variety of artists from Pakistan of contemporary, folk, rock, fusion and sufi music.  The two-day event would bring together some of the biggest names of Pakistan’s industry to the heart of the capital. Music has a special power to overcome barriers regardless of language, geography or culture.

Renowned singers and music bands including Shamoon Ismail, Sunny Khan Durrani, DJ-Mavrick, Son Ranga Khan, Hunza band Jill,  battle of the bands Dhool, Naseer Afridi, Ali Hamdani, Usman Shakeel, Varga Faraid, Parham Faraid, Ibrahim Akram, Bakhshi Brothers, Muchi Habibi, Saakin and Kashmir the band would perform in two-day Face Music Mela. 

Qawali session with Fareed Ayyaz and Abu Muhammad would be organized at the Mela to entertain the people capital city. Music band ‘SAAKIN’ would perform live on the April 12th at The Face Music Mela.

Saakin is an Islamabad based band that plays music from folk to contemporary.