LAHORE               -              Punjab Minister for Auqaf Syed Saeedul Hassan Shah has said that on the directives of Punjab chief minister, chlorinated water spray will be carried out in all mosques and madrasas to protect the health of the faithful and students throughout the province. 

According to Auqaf spokesperson on Wednesday, the minister directed the departments concerned to take necessary steps in this regard.

The minister appealed to the people to stay homes and not to  go outside unnecessarily to ensure their own protection as well as of the others.

He said stressed people should take precautionary measures, recommended by the government and the health department, adding that precautionary measures were not in conflict with the faith in Allah. He said that people should avoid participation in public meetings, religious gatherings and conferences these days as per government guidelines. Saeedul Hassan said that the government departments and mosque administrations had a duty to keep Muslims’ morale high in this atmosphere of distress, and teach them to have faith and trust in Allah.

He emphasised that people should pray individually in the prevailing situation. The minister said that mosques administration should pay special attention to mosques’ cleaning and should take other safety measures for the safety of the faithful visiting the mosques.