Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Chairman Dr Qibla Ayaz on Thursday asked the public to offer Friday prayer at home amid preventive measure to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

“We need to adopt preventive measures, however, there is no need to create an atmosphere of fear from the virus,” he said while addressing a presser.

The chairman said that the mosques should play a role of community centres and instead of arresting prayer leaders, the authorities should seek their support in implementing the preventive measures.

“Distribution of ration from mosques will prove effective during the ongoing situation,” he said.

Qibla Ayaz said that the minorities should also be taken care of during the pandemic and economic relief should be given irrespective of religious and ethnic divisions.

He urged the government, civil society and masses to work jointly to defeat coronavirus.

Giving recommendations for funeral and burial procedures, the CII Chairman said that only close relatives should be allowed to attend the proceedings and the burial process should be carried out keeping in view the religious and humanitarian norms.

He further called for using the word ‘martyr’ for the ones who die from the virus.