KARACHI                      -          Private Schools Association has taken it upon themselves to disregard Sindh Governments ongoing lockdown in the province amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to details, Private schools asociation have announced that they will open their offices from tomorrow onward.

The association has argued that school management is struggling to pay salaries to the staff, the association also went on to claim that 16,000 school employees had not been paid their due salaries since the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

The chairman of association said that the employees had been paid their allocated salaries for the month of March and did not have the resources available to continue payments for the month of April and onward.

Private Schools Association Chairman also said that they were also disregarding government order of taking student fee in instalments, the fee would have to be submitted as in the past.

The Sindh government on March 30 directed private schools across the province to pay full salaries to its teachers on time.

In a notification issued, Director General Private Institution Dr Mansoob Siddiqui has directed schools to issue monthly fee challans instead of the usual bi-monthly or quarterly challans to the parents.